The classic SWR strategy is the Four Percent Rule, but there are many other strategy options for a more tailored and customized approach.

Four Percent Rule

The Four Percent Rule is the original Safe Withdrawal Rate strategy. In short, the strategy is based upon withdrawing an inflation adjusted 4% of the portfolio's initial value each year in hopes that the rest of the portfolio will continue to grow at a rate that would compensate for the amount withdrawn.

Endless Income System

Make your money last forever with the Endless Income System. By focusing on both safety and growth, this is considered the best safe withdrawal rate strategy for creating a long lasting income stream.

Three Percent Rule

A conservative modification to the Four Percent Rule for people who want to play it on the safer side and give their portfolio more space to absorb market downturns.

Five Percent Rule

An aggressive modification of the Four Percent Rule for people with a higher risk appetite or a shorter time horizon.

Inflation Buster

Don't want to be effected by the dangerous effects of inflation? The Inflation Buster strategy turns inflation on its head and allows you to use it to your advantage.

Magnet Strategy

A withdrawal strategy that attaches your withdrawals to the balance of your portfolio by always taking a percentage of your current portfolio balance. There is more volatility, but it also allows you to reap the rewards of a growing portfolio.